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the impropriety of it all

i don’t see a need to capitalize
to scale the beginnings of proper nouns
and letter i’s
because i am no more important than the next guy
and he is certainly no more important
than i
and although it looks okay in text
it’s only that way because it has been that way
for centuries and it’s getting a bit too
i’m a simple mind
and even as i’m typing this those dreaded red lines
are appearing beneath the words i write
because apparently they’re not capitalized
but i don’t have the time
to go back and fixate on the impropriety
of it all
so i sit
and i wait
all night
for someone to call me out
and say that it’s unacceptable, that it’s unprofessional
that my pulsing brain must still be a blank slate
if i wasn’t taught how to write it


What it’s called


When it was written

This month 5 years ago, in 2009. More specifically: the month after I graduated from high school.

Why it was written

I was ruminating on the grammatical rule that nobody ever challenges; the capitalization of the first letter in a sentence (and the standalone ‘I’). It’s just language. It’s just grammar. It just is. But why? I sat down at my laptop and typed up why I don’t find it necessary- in all lowercase. The final few lines allude to how some might respond to my rebellion.