About the blog

Behind the name.

While ‘wordsmith’ is an actual word meaning ‘a skilled user of words,’ I’m using it as sort of a portmanteau in this case. Not only do I have the most prevalent surname in the United States, but I also foster a love of the act of writing. Any and all forms I welcome with an open heart; writing is catharsis for me. In this sense, I created the name of my blog by combining ‘word’ (wordsmith) and ‘Smith’ (wordsmith, my last name).

Behind the content.

Initially, I decided to start this blog as a means of sharing my written works; to network with other writers and gradually build a scribe-driven community so to speak. But as with most human beings, I have opinions. Usually, I’m not a fan of withholding said opinions. So I’ve decided that aside from original poetry, lyricism, and prose, I will also be somewhat of a columnist, and share my perspectives on various issues and topics. Maybe even offer advice! Maybe. I am still working on my elbows-rested-on-knees, hands-folded forward lean, coupled with an intensely focused look which signifies that I’m really interested in what you have to say.

For those occasions when I’m unable to blog as frequently as I’d like, I will always update my readers with an explanation for my absence and/or a little tidbit of what’s going on in my life during said absence. You can find this randomly in the first post after a prolonged period away.

Behind the desk.

I mostly look like this when I’m perusing through my WordPress reader, reading an interesting post, or daydreaming:


If you share my love of writing and language, maybe you’ll follow me. Maybe you won’t. I am sure you’ll have your reasons for either, and that’s fine by me.

If I can’t convince you, though, maybe this little guy can:


This is Philip the bear. Say hi.

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