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I met a man who is preparing to hop a plane to Indonesia in less than 48 hours. He will be living there for a month where he will work as a yoga instructor. When the four weeks are up, he’ll have the opportunity to travel through Southeast Asia. What an incredible thing. 

To that man: 

I don’t know your name, but your positivity has been infectious, and your smile more indelible than a summer jam. Your eyes exude your passion for life, and I’m nothing short of ecstatic for you. I can’t even say that I’m surprised. You’re a beautiful human being, and it’s been my pleasure to have met you. 

May your anxiety dissolve into exuberance as you go on to tread alien soil and have the experience of a lifetime. I know you’ll relish every moment.


Purely inspired 

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Stone fruit

An acre of opportunity 

A field of pears and plums 

I put my hands to the soil

Felt you nipping at my thumbs 

Where’ve you been, my little friend?

You said, “digging in the dirt. 

I was searching for my promises 

But I broke them and got hurt.”

Seems you got a little too excited 

To trample undiscovered ground 

Happiness isn’t free, you know 

But I think they sell it by the pound