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Point B

The looks pile high on my shoulders

like pellets of snow when it’s colder

But they don’t melt away, no, they weigh me down

One measly step backward, and

I never rebound

There’s nothing outstanding about me

I took this route just to get to

Point B

but now their gazes cast fire around me

and I walk through, and burn

and they stare at me funny

The humorous thing, though

is my unhindered smiling

While the flames eat away at my clothes

and I realize there’s nothing

but indifference in your eyes

so I brush off the ashes,

and go

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J’ai tombé amoureux 

I have fallen in love 

with the face of charm 

One of many guises 

All of which I’ve learned 

and worn 

I have fallen in love 

with a specter 

Shallow and pale 

No color to your eyes 

Empty and uncommitted 

I would poison myself 

with the bite of an apple 

Picked from your tree 

Grown especially for me 

If you called it candy 

or if I knew 

It would still be my wish 

if it made you happy 

I gave myself to you


You’d give me back whole 

but you left me a shell 

A faint resemblance 

of my former self 

So here I lie:


draped over the sofa

My heart in your mouth 

Smiling until you take the leap

and swallow 

Because I have fallen in love 

with a nightmare 

Who scared me awake,

and who cradles me 

back to sleep