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The Genesis of Wanderlust

This is the twenty-fourth winter I’ve spent in this town

and I’d rather there not be a twenty-fifth

Despite the laundry list of shit it takes to move myself from this abyss

I’ll make it out of this time-space continuum rift

I’ve seen some places, pissed off some friends

Reconciled with others and fell into some harmonious trends

I’ve lived my life on impulse, settled into craters of debt

and rode out again on the back of my unsafe bets

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The Greatest Driving Force

Words fall limp from the cache

and form derisive sentences

at the push of a button

They form wedges between upstanding

members of society

who happen to be familiar

and drive on home

a great divide

Disguised as any given one of us,

the words

they rip through and tear apart

from the inside outward

until what’s left is swollen distrust


shredded empathy