New Beginnings


For a while, I was one of those people that hid behind the thought that ‘you don’t need a new year to make a fresh start.’ It can happen any day- and I still stand behind that to an extent. But there’s something inexplicably appealing to making New Year’s resolutions. Maybe because the cycle of the months begins again: starts anew. That seems as appropriate a time as any to make a change. Wipe the slate clean; you’re the canvas, and you’ve got another chance to revoke your colors and formulate a new design. Rewrite your story, make editions, addendums, surprise endings, plot twists. Color outside the lines. It just doesn’t seem fitting to make a grandiose change at 1:13 PM on a Tuesday in mid-July. There’s nothing wrong with that if that’s the route you take, but there’s something ever-so-enticing about beginning a new year with a new attitude. It’s just the way things are. I think because there is a finite number of days in a week; a definitive number of months per year, but the number of years that lie ahead is unknown. It’s limitless. It’s about the grander scheme of things- at least the way I try to look at it. It provides hope in an optimistic sense, because if you start things off the right way, you’ll keep on along the same path towards consistent happiness.


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