I Haven’t Died – Updates, Music, Free Balloons

Remember how I said I planned to blog every day in November? Yeah, no. I was sick for most of it after I declared that potential commitment. But I’m fine now, and not dead–which is good, right?

I was also busy with family matters, as it was Thanksgiving here in the states this past Thursday. I worked my first Black Friday ever and it wasn’t even worth it. But barring that disappointment, I enjoyed my time with my family. We even took–for the first year ever–a couple of family Christmas photos, one of which we will be sending out in card form. 😀 View it here:


My brother’s got a magnetic tripod which we connected to our ceiling fan for the aerial shot. I think it came out rather nicely. 🙂

In other news, I did not win NaNoWriMo. When November ended, I had a grand total of 2,948 words… right around the corner from 50k. But I’m going to continue work on it, and this evening I broke the 3,000 mark. I ended my writing spree tonight with 3,053. It may not be much, but it’s better than nothing.

Speaking of better than nothing, have a listen to one of my favorite songs of all time- “Better Than Nothing” by Maria Mena. I’ve mentioned her before in my “7 Inspirational Songs” posts (which, by the way, will eventually continue and will only happen once a month). This song serves as the album closer to her debut, Another Phase. It was released in Norway in 2002 when Maria was 15, and the lyrics are hauntingly beautiful, relatable, and mature.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I just wanted to drop in and say hello since I haven’t posted in ten days. The holidays are a relatively busy time for me, so who knows what December will bring? I plan to blog as often as I can, but sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow for it.

I hope everybody is well, alive, happy, safe, and healthy. Also, I lied about there being free balloons in this post. Had you going, didn’t I?


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