Death is such a bewildering phenomenon. Someone who existed simply no longer does, even if the transition from life to death was not so simple.

It becomes even more bewildering when it’s someone you have some sort of association with. Whether your connection was sordid, amusing, serendipitous, romantic, rivalrous, joyful, deep, distant… you were still, by some degree, bound to each other in some way. You knew each other’s names. That warrants association in the very least, even if that’s as far as it went. But then one day, you receive the news that they’ve passed, and it stops you in your tracks. The deepest connections yield the most painful reactions, but even those not so close-knit are still surreal.

What’s even more dumbfounding is that in this case, it’s not unlike in the television shows. Abusive ex. Motive. Odd crime scene. Cryptic messages left behind.

No matter the case; Annette, you had some impact on me in an inexplicable way. May you rest in peace eternally.



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