Let’s Coauthor a Short Story: A Budding Narrative (Day 2)

The story is off to a fantastic start; the contributions have been nothing less than excellent. If you missed day one, you can get yourself up to speed here. I would love it if you would hop on the bandwagon.

In short, we are writing a story together as a community of bloggers. Each person writes their own excerpt, following the previous person’s submission. What you write is completely up to you; there are no guidelines, but it’s urged to use an example of imagery, assonance, alliteration, metaphor, simile, or any combination in your writing.

The following are the contributions so far, with their respective authors in parentheses, in the order that they were submitted. If you choose to join in, please try to keep in line with what’s already been established (e.g. character names, setting), but feel free to take the plot wherever you’d like it to go.


In her own words, the building stood taller than any she’d seen before; so tall, a cloud of fog cascaded over its peak, shrouding it from her sight. 

(jedorsparmilesrequins [me])

Next to her Michael let out a long, low whistle, bouncing energetically on the balls of his feet as he waited for her to put away the scanner and tell the rest of the party if the structure was still safe to climb.


“It’s never too late to reach up and touch the sky, Mico!” she cajoled. “In fact, if ‘you’re’ever going to reach a pinacle it’s quite likely that it will be this one – fearless first: losers last!”


Michael, stripped from his previous bravado, displayed a disposition akin to extreme sickness. “The stairs don’t work in this one, then?”

(G. Z. Kieft)

Dubai embraced their group in a dusty warm breeze, very much the opposite of the clear cold cutting wind they would have to endure as they climbed.


‘No its the dare that’s the thing to see if you have it in you like the disposition of a rat up a drainpipe.’ Michael having survived the multiple facial colours of the extremely concerned turned with an air of certainty and announced his intention to rise to and take up the challenge.


A candle flickered briefly in one of the lower windows and the silhouette of one in a hooded monk’s robe appeared before the shade was quickly drawn.


Michael swallowed hard; the lump in his throat felt as if it were the size of a papaya. He shot a glance at Rhea, but she seemed too distracted by her overzealous approach at the impending hike to notice. He scanned the monstrous edifice one final time before choking back his apprehension.

(jedorsparmilesrequins [me])


If you’re stumbling upon this project for the first time, I welcome and encourage you to participate. If you’re just here to read how it’s going, that’s perfectly fine as well. If you’re lost and this is simply an unplanned detour, welcome! Have a look around if you wish. Also feel free to stop by the aforementioned authors’ blogs- they are all great people with content that is worth the time to check out.

Let’s keep the story going! What happens next? 🙂


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