Let’s Coauthor a Short Story

You know that sentence game that involves each player adding to the previous person’s sentence to form a story? Let’s do that.

I will start by proposing an opening line below. You can keep it going by adding a followup line in the comments. Here’s the fun part: try to include an example of imagery, assonance, alliteration, metaphor, or simile, or any combination in your line. It’s not required, but suggested, to get you thinking.

You can either write a line to follow mine, or to follow someone else’s comment. You may quote the line you are following for the sake of clarity, or you may leave it up to interpretation by remaining ambiguous. Some lines may have multiple followings, some may not. As a result, I hope to create a largely open-ended story. There is no deadline, and you may comment as many times as you wish.

When the story is eventually finished, I will post it in its entirety and give credit to each contributing blogger. 🙂 Let’s get the ball rolling.

In her own words, the building stood taller than any she’d seen before; so tall, a cloud of fog cascaded over its peak, shrouding it from her sight. 


12 thoughts on “Let’s Coauthor a Short Story

  1. Next to her Michael let out a long, low whistle, bouncing energetically on the balls of his feet as he waited for her to put away the scanner and tell the rest of the party if the structure was still safe to climb.

  2. “It’s never too late to reach up and touch the sky, Mico!” she cajoled. “In fact, if ‘you’re’ever going to reach a pinacle it’s quite likely that it will be this one – fearless first: losers last!”

  3. ‘No its the dare that’s the thing to see if you have it in you like the disposition of a rat up a drainpipe.’ Michael having survived the multiple facial colours of the extremely concerned turned with an air of certainty and announced his intention to rise to and take up the challenge.

  4. Michael swallowed hard; the lump in his throat felt as if it were the size of a papaya. He shot a glance at Rhea, but she seemed too distracted by her overzealous approach at the impending hike to notice. He scanned the monstrous edifice one final time before choking back his apprehension.

  5. She had been spiking her coffee with Wild Turkey all morning, Rhea had, and well…she crumpled physically practically instantly into a heap of the kind one of those wavy billowy creatures out front of the car lot would, once one pulled the plug on the fan.

  6. Nobody noticed when Rhea collapsed, however, because just as Michael stepped up to the side of the building, the aforementioned monk flung open his window and threw something out. Everyone stood and watched, transfixed, as the glittering item, back lit by the glaring sun, fell through the air, tumbling and twisting over and over before coming to rest with a resounding thud at Michael’s feet.

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