Pour Ma Mère

On the last night
We sat on the foot of your bed
Nearly eleven o’clock
You shared stories
of homemade remedies
from when you were little
Some I had heard of
Others, I was shocked
to have discovered

What stands out to me
the most
is the twinkle in your eyes
as you recollected all the
You’d subconsciously harvested
as a child
And I was happy to partake
in the reminiscence
of your past
Back before the gears
had rusted to a halt
when you gave birth
to the first of the three
of us

Knees buckled with laughter
as you explained
That the oils from your tears
of joy
Revived your inner workings
And you were able to
resume the life you had
before motherhood struck
except this time
You could do both
and managed to do so
with such finesse


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