Rose Garden

rose garden

I’m experimenting with new ways of writing poetry. Instead of the typical stanzas on paper, this time I’ve elected to do a poème sur un poème, if you will. That is, a poem on top of a poem. The idea is to write a concise, single-line poem, and a more story-structured poem. Then, combine multiple layers of the latter so as to skew perception of the words (seen above). The ambiguity and the individual phrases you may be able to pick out lead to different interpretations. Finally, type the single-line poem on top, making it bold enough to stand out and be legible. Does any of that make any sense? I hope so. I am bad at describing things, sometimes.

I’m not sure if this has been done before. Maybe I’m the first, and if that’s the case, I think I will call this ‘mash-up poetry.’ Or maybe ‘crowded poetry.’ I can’t decide. What do you think?

Underlying poem:

He saw me out
but I couldn’t explain
before the untreated,
accusatory words came

He saw me as
a painting now,
my colors smeared
in an offbeat way
my hues
turned to grey

He said, ‘the bristles
were tough this time,’
I agreed

‘But they were tougher
on you,’ he hissed
I grinned while I cried

He can’t see me now
as he once did;
That’s the hardest part
to miss

I exploited his weakness
when he sought me
for strength

I stowed his trust in the attic
let it collect dust;
Leave me, if you must


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