C’est La Vie

I want out
of my lease on life
It isn’t as glamorous
as it’s shown in the brochures

I’ll pay the early termination fee
if it means
I’ll be less hard-pressed, and a bit

For all intents and purposes
I’ve been plagued by
constant listlessness
and a thirst for creativity
that’s insatiable in this
often captivated
headache and
b-movie scene

Pedestrians on parade
looking to take left-hand turns
but to the left,
there’s no city shade
nothing but
self-activated hand grenades
and past life urns
that were never spilt
over any other body of water
than the blood of a
who sacrificed himself
for the good
of the salvation
of the upper class wealth
that never did for him
what he
had done
for them
a thousand times over,
and then

It’s not that difficult
to relate
if you’d just
broaden your scope
tear your view from
the pennies fallen through the grate
and look up
and look around
but don’t
because you’re teetering
on a tight rope
and you’ve got choices to make
your family down
waiting with bated breath
to see
which route
you’ll take:
will you press on
or fall
to your death?

The latter
will flatter you,
make you feel
since you’ll have died
while you tried
to make the best of
the matter
only sometimes
will you be granted
a new start
a blank slate
because the rent
was too high
and you were often
quite late

So they
canceled your contract
than you expected
since you were
too inconsistent
to remain
and you couldn’t be trusted
to renew
once again

Then your legs
gave way
and you didn’t
even blink
lost your balance
much faster than one
would think
and you smile
because in your head
you know
that you cheated the system
that you left
all you owned
in the sink,
and turned on the garbage disposal
because the melody
reminds you
of the life you’d lived

But you got out
of the lease
because ‘c’est la vie’
was a piece
you couldn’t stand to hear
and the life that you led
wasn’t as glamorous
as it was shown
in the brochures


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